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    Casting yard-torpedo tank and ladle

    For torpedo tanks and iron ladle projects, the company has the ability to provide customers with a complete set of supply and services such as design, production, construction, and maintenance, and maintains a relationship with major domestic steel plants such as Anshan Iron and Steel, Liuzhou Iron and Steel, Lianyuan Iron and Steel, and Maanshan Iron and Steel. Work closely together.


    Torpedo and hot metal Al2O3-SIC-C bricks mainly use fused corundum, super bauxite, pyrophyllite, composite carbon source and silicon carbide as the main raw materials, which have high erosion resistance, erosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The main indicators of the product are as follows


    The series of iron ladle and torpedo cans have been applied and used on Anshan Iron and Steel’s 320-ton torpedo cans, Maanshan Iron and Steel’s 320-ton torpedo cans, Anshan Iron and Steel’s 100-ton iron ladle, 200-ton iron ladle, Liuzhou Iron and Steel 150-ton iron ladle, and Lianyuan Iron and Steel’s 210-ton iron ladle The life span is 1100-1400 cans, and has been well received by customers.

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