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    Converter-converter functional materials

    Hefeng Company has the overall design, manufacturing and construction capabilities of converters, and can design and manufacture integral and split taphole products, clustered bottom-blowing air-supply brick products, and can provide bottom-blowing brick hot state replacement services


    We can design and manufacture tapped bricks and casing bricks, which can be formed by cold isostatic pressing or by using a brick press to adapt to different smelting and construction conditions of customers. The cold isostatic pressing product has strong integrity, good stability and high safety; the machine-pressed product has high density, strong erosion resistance and good thermal shock resistance. The two methods complement each other to meet various needs of customers.



    Bottom blowing air supply brick

    Hefeng has many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and maintaining clustered bottom-blown air supply bricks, and provides customers with a series of products and services including initial design, production, post-laying, maintenance, and thermal replacement.


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