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    a) Circulation pipe and dip pipe

    The RH lined refractories produced by our company are magnesium spinel bricks with fused large crystalline magnesia and fused spinel as the main raw materials. At present, 5 national patents have been obtained in related fields. Circulation pipes and immersion pipes are designed according to the use conditions of each steel plant, including plug-in, flat-lay, and integral methods. At the same time, the standards of butt joints are strictly controlled, which greatly reduces the risk of steel rolling or even steel penetration due to butt joints; The outer pouring material of the dip tube uses corundum and spinel as the main raw materials, and low cement as the binder, which has good thermal shock stability, high erosion resistance and erosion resistance;

    According to the common damage mechanism of the immersion pipe, the structural parts of the immersion pipe are reasonably optimized to make the working layer lining bricks, structural parts, and outer casting materials better combine together to achieve continuous use of multiple furnaces without gunning. Maintenance goal

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